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Our Charitable Story

Our charitable status dates back to 1807 with our founders’ extraordinary vision.

Reverend Dr John Pye-Smith and Samuel Favell were non-conformist Christians and were deeply concerned with social justice. Pye-Smith was a well-known preacher who wrote extensively on science and religion and worked throughout his life for the abolition of slavery. Favell, a merchant in the City of London and active political campaigner, drew up a blueprint for their future school. Back then, to attend a public school you had to belong to the Church of England. Favell and Pye-Smith’s new school would offer a broad education to children who didn’t fit into that mould.

As non-conformists, the curriculum provided a radical approach to learning. ‘Experimental philosophy’ and ‘electrical science’ were taught at Mill Hill long before this was commonplace. Their mission was to establish a school that would provide a forward-thinking education for their pupils and all future generations to come. Today, this approach remains a core value across all our schools so that our pupils can flourish, whatever their ambitions.

At the outset, charitable donations were sought to enable talented pupils from families who could not afford the fees to attend Mill Hill School. Today, thanks to the generosity of our alumni, parents, governors and friends across the Foundation these donations continue, allowing us to support pupils through bursary places. This makes it possible for young people of all backgrounds to access an exceptional education. In addition, their support extends to capital projects, which make it possible for our schools to grow, develop and modernise.


Lucia Hull - Director of Development

Find out how you can make a difference to one of our schools. Contact our Director of Development, Lucia Hull via email development@millhill.org.uk or call 020 8906 7864

Image of a male Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

"There is no doubt in my mind that my time at Mill Hill is the one thing that has changed my life for the better. To have been afforded such an expansive foundation is incredible, and something that every single child deserves."

Jeremy Akhavi, (Ridgeway 2012-2017), Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

Image of a female Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

"Coming to Mill Hill, receiving the support that I did from my teachers and being in this environment made me realise that anything is possible. Mill Hill gave me the confidence to believe that I could do anything."

Evelyn Taylor, (Winfield 2019-2021), Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

Image of a male Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

"The teachers here make you feel completely welcome and support you in every way possible."

Zac Demetriades, (Atkinson, 2016-2021), Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

Image of a male Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

"Undeniably, the bursary really changed my life."

Lucas Taberna, (School, 2016-2021), Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

Image of a male Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

"Mill Hill completely changed the direction of where I was going in my life."

Levi Ngimbi, (Priestley, 2018-2020), Mill Hill School Bursary Recipient

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