January 12, 2024

Kingshott Joins the Group

We are delighted to announce that Kingshott School in Hitchin is joining our charitable foundation.

Kingshott is a successful co-ed school set on the outskirts of Hitchin, in a beautiful 23 acre site, with around 400 pupils. Kingshott provides an outstanding co-educational learning experience for children from age three to GCSE and was graded Excellent in both categories of its last ISI inspection. An ambitious school that wants every child to experience a wealth of opportunities to acquire knowledge and aspire to excellence, this aligns with the educational ethos of all our schools.

Over the last 90 years Kingshott has looked to the future, with its pupils’ best interests fixed firmly in mind. This can be seen in their early move to co-education, extensive building programme, and recent move to offer GCSEs. Joining the Mill Hill Education Group will enable Kingshott to fully realise all its future ambitions whilst retaining its caring family atmosphere and strong educational values.

“Our decision to join the Mill Hill Education Group is a proactive initiative that will enable us to action our ambitious goals over the years ahead. It is a future-facing decision taken during a time of strength, when we have waiting lists across many year groups, both now and for the next academic year. We are excited to begin benefiting from all the enrichments, enhancements and efficiencies that being part of the Mill Hill Education Group offers. Working collaboratively with colleagues across the group to establish opportunities will further enrich and enhance Kingshott’s ‘excellent’ education for all our current and future pupils.” David Weston, Kingshott’s Head.

“We are delighted to welcome the Kingshott community into our family of schools. As I have got to know Kingshott, it has become clear that we are aligned in our educational ethos, our strong values and ambitions, and our warm, family-focused atmosphere. Our unremitting focus is to provide the best possible education for our pupils, and we believe this works best through an effective partnership of shared knowledge, ideas and resources. We look forward to working together with Kingshott over the coming weeks, months and years ahead to see the school continue to thrive, and to realise its successful transition to offering GCSEs.” Antony Spencer, CEO, Mill Hill Education Group.