Image of young and older students outside Mill Hill School
April 4, 2024

At Mill Hill Education Group, we are proud to share the remarkable achievements recognised in the recent Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) Inspection reports for Mill Hill Schools which include Mill Hill School, Belmont, Mill Hill Prep School and Grimsdell, Mill Hill Pre-Prep.

The ISI report highlighted the outstanding co-curricular programmes across the schools, describing them as innovative, well-resourced, and benefiting pupils of all ages and abilities and a 'significant strength' of the schools. These programmes, coordinated seamlessly across our schools, play a pivotal role in supporting pupil progression, fostering interests, and developing essential skills and understanding. Mill Hill Schools take great pride in this recognition, knowing that the commitment to providing a rich and diverse educational experience is truly making a difference.

These achievements demonstrate our collective mission to deliver excellence in education across all our schools. As we celebrate these achievements, we remain committed to nurturing well-rounded individuals equipped for success in a rapidly evolving global landscape.

Additionally, the heads of each school shared their thoughts on the inspection findings:

David Benson, Head, Mill Hill School, celebrated the validation of the school's co-curricular provision as a ‘significant strength.’ He remarked, "The breadth of offer to every child enriches their experience and development which in turn benefits their academic performance. The report truly brings to life all that we achieve across every aspect of school life and highlights our commitment to all our families."

Leon Roberts, Head, Belmont Mill Hill Prep School, expressed his delight at the report's recognition of curriculum innovations such as Future Skills and outdoor learning provision. He noted, "We are pleased with the acknowledgment of the ‘significant strength’ of the co-curricular provision in all our schools. The inspection week highlighted how all three schools collaborate and share the same purpose; to provide happy, safe, and enriching educational environments for our children from ages 3-18."

Kate Simon, Head of Grimsdell Mill Hill Pre-Prep, emphasised the positive feedback on the co-curricular offer in all schools. She stated, "We feel that this is a very fair reflection of the outstanding co-curricular offer that our youngest pupils experience within our schools. The breadth of opportunity enriches the lives of our pupils and enables them to try out lots of opportunities ahead of finding their niche further in the Foundation."

Please click here to read the full report.

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