Our Commitment to Safeguarding

Mill Hill Education Group fully recognises the importance of its moral and statutory responsibilities for safeguarding, child protection and protecting the welfare of all its pupils. The Mill Hill Education Group has pupils’ best interests at the centre of everything it does, and the Group expects all staff, volunteers, Governors, parents and pupils to share in this commitment.

Safeguarding refers to measures implemented to protect the health, wellbeing and human rights of children so that they may live free from harm, abuse and neglect. We are committed to protecting every pupil from any form of abuse, whether from an adult or another pupil, and we ensure that staff, volunteers and Governors have regular training to understand and fulfil their collective responsibility in keeping our community safe and report any concerns promptly. The Group adheres to the inter-agency procedures and local protocols of the respective schools’ Local Safeguarding Children’s Partnerships (LSCPs) and Multi Agency Safeguarding Arrangements (MASAs), in line with the government guidance ‘Working Together to Safeguard Children’ and ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education’.

The Court of Governors are committed to providing and maintaining a safe and supportive culture where all staff working for Mill Hill Education Group feel confident and competent to raise any concerns regarding pupil welfare or adult behaviour towards pupils.

Mill Hill Education Group is committed to instilling pupils with strong values and sense of belonging within a secure, caring and supportive learning environment, where they feel confident that adults and peers value them, will listen to them and advocate and protect them.

All our schools have dedicated safeguarding teams overseen by Jane Morris our Group Director of Safeguarding.

An image of Jane Morris, the Group Director of Safeguarding

Jane Morris - Group Director of Safeguarding

All our schools have dedicated safeguarding teams overseen by Jane Morris our Group Director of Safeguarding.

Please visit the Policies and Reports page where our Safeguarding Policy can be found.

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